Best Indian restaurant in Old Street

Bombay Corner: London’s Newest Bombay Inspired Restaurant

Located on the North Eastern side of London in Hoxton, is a brand new innovative Indian restaurant that is serving delicious food that is full of Bombay soul.

Whether you’re after a new type of tasty breakfast, some scrumptious lunch options or a flavour-packed Indian meal for dinner, Bombay Corner has got you covered!

An Introduction to Bombay Corner: A Love Story of Food and Passion

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Biryani

When Asif and Shabnam moved to London, they quickly realised that the Indian food here was nothing like the food they grew up eating in Bombay. Disappointed, but not discouraged, they began to experiment in their kitchen at home, recreating those classic flavours they loved. They were so passionate about what they had found that they decided to open their own restaurant – Bombay Corner – and share their love of real Bombay cuisine with the people of London!

Bombay Corner: A New Type of Breakfast That Will Get Your Day Started!

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Samosas

Ever noticed that it is difficult to find coffee on the menu when searching for ‘What’s a Traditional Indian Breakfast?’

That’s because the powerful flavours of Indian cuisine is enough to wake your bones in the morning (and a good cup of a fresh chai)!

At Bombay Corner, you can find your new vibrant and nutritious breakfast options, including their exclusives: Bombay Toastie, Vada Pao and Pav Bhaji. To be honest, these Indian dishes are so tasty, you can enjoy them any time of the day, so it’s lucky that they’re available for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

If you’re having a really lazy day off work, you can also order online through their website, extra bonus lazy points if you live just a short walk up the street!

Lunch Begins at Bombay Corner: A Tantalising Taste of India’s Capital City

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Indian food selection

If you fancy something a little bit different than your usual soggy, room temperature sandwich, how about a dish (or two) that will put some colour back in your day! Visit one of London’s new up and coming Indian restaurants for an authentic taste of Bombay!

At Bombay corner, you can find a tantalising choice of delicious vegetarian options, tempting vegan options and yummy meat options – all of which are freshly cooked and hand spiced to perfection, just like they do in India.

So add some Indian spice to your lunch time routine and make Bombay Corner your first stop!

Bombay Corner: Your Next Visit For A Delicious Dinner

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Biryanis

We’ve all had a taste of local Indian food, but have you ever tried food from Bombay? Thought not!

At Bombay Corner, based in Hoxton, the chefs strive to create beautiful dishes that taste like they’ve just arrived from their home country of India itself!

The food at Bombay Corner promises to provide only honest, delicious ingredients. These are the only components of these aromatic dishes and each meal is prepared fresh and by hand when the orders come in. This gives a whole new meaning to Indian restaurants in London and we’re here for it!

The Tempting Menu

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Bombay Toastie

At Bombay Corner you can find all your favourite flavour-fuelled Indian dishes such as Biryanis which are also available in vegetarian options, beautifully spiced kebabs and of course the ever-popular handmade samosas which are served alongside zingy chutneys that are perfect for dipping!

Be Sure to Book in

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Lamb Seek Kebabs

As Bombay Corner is rapidly becoming one of London’s most popular Indian restaurants in the Shoreditch region, it might be best to get in touch and talk about bookings to save yourself a table.

Get Lost in the Streets of Shoreditch and Find Bombay Corner

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Bhel

Shoreditch is becoming one of London’s trendiest areas that is bustling with creativity and life. With streets lined with bars, dancing venues and places to see the latest film, Shoreditch has one more place that should definitely be on your list of ‘New Things to do in London’, Bombay Corner.

The Bombay Corner Story

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Biryani

This Bombay inspired restaurant was founded by husband and wife duo who were searching for the familiar flavours of their home country of India but unfortunately (fortunately for us, though!) their search had no answer. They took it upon themselves to discover what makes Bombay flavours POP! And boy, did they succeed.

Soon enough, they wanted to share these invigorating tastes with every resident and tourist of London. Their innovative restaurant, Bombay Corner, is located in Hoxton, North East London opens 10.30am and is closed at an impressive 10.30pm. With popular online delivery services available, Bombay Corner can provide tasty Indian food for you, wherever you are. We’re so selfishly glad they found Bombay Corner instead!

Bombay Corner: Making Dates Tasty

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Indian food selection

If you’re stuck in a loop of going to the same restaurants for date night, how about adding a new popular Indian restaurant to ‘spice up’ your night of togetherness?

Bombay Corner is the perfect spot for your next (or first) date night!

Situated in Hoxton, North East London, Bombay Corner sits surrounded by great bars, dark dancing clubs and eloquent art museums, there’s plenty to choose on your way to your beautiful meal together after dark.

A Menu to Love

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Seekh Kebabs

With a great menu that offers meat, vegan and vegetarian options, you will find an inviting Indian dish that you both will love and enjoy. It is their promise to provide you with beautiful, fresh and authentic Indian cuisine that will transport you to a busy high street in Bombay city!

That is at least, if either of you are a fan of sensational biryanis that are bursting with authentic aromas of Indian spices with rice that has been simmering in rich meat juices and fresh tender vegetables or perhaps succulent kebabs that have been marinating for hours in a tantalising secret mix of spices or even a vibrant, show stopping vada pao with its carnival of beautiful garnishes, all of which can be found on a high street in Hoxton? Mm, thought so.

If You’d Rather Stay Indoors

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Indian food selection

If you’d rather avoid the busy high street of Shoreditch, you can order their wonderful Indian dishes for takeaway or delivery straight to your home location. Just simply select the option from their web page and be sure to leave a sparkling review! Life in the big city just got a little better.

Bombay Corner’s Chai Menu: Classic, Cardamom, Ginger Spiced

Bombay Corner Indian Takeaway Restaurant in London - Indian drinks selection

One of the fastest growing trends in London City has to be the introduction of chai to the English tea and coffee culture. This aromatic drink tastes absolutely beautiful (and a lot like Christmas!) and is perfect for any time of day.

Classic chai is made by stewing a traditional mix of black tea leaves, star anise, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, white pepper and cardamom. This fragrant mix is so huge in India that it considered an important part of every day life in any region of Indian culture.

At Bombay Corner, you can find a wonderful menu section just for chai that includes classic chai, cardamom chai and ginger spiced chai! You can find Bombay Corner’s selection of tasty chai available from 10.30am to a nifty 10.30pm, yum yum!