Inspired by the street food of Bombay


Bombay Corner was started by husband and wife team, Shabnam & Asif. They decided to share their love and knowledge of the most flavoursome Bombay street food and created Bombay Corner.



Take a journey through the authentic flavours of Indian street food.

Bombay Corner - Sasmosas


Whether you’re in India or London, samosas will always be top of the charts. Our delicious and crispy triangles are filled to the brim with fragrantly spiced fillings of either meats or vegetables (or both!).


Biryanis are aromatic rice dishes that are at the heart of all Indian cuisine. They can be found in every region of India, each with their own different signature of flavours.

Bomaby Corner - Vegetable BiryaniBomaby Corner - Chicken Biryani

Bomaby Corner - Lamb Biryani

Bombay Corner - Kebabs


Reinventing the meaning of kebabs in the UK, our fresh and perfectly cooked tandoori dishes will leave you wanting more!


Chai for breakfast, chai for lunch and chai for dinner. This silky smooth hot drink is the perfect mix of a spicy-sweet tea that is traditionally drank in India any time of day, with any meal. Plus it tastes like Christmas, hooray!

Bombay Corner - Chai


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Where to find us
Bombay Corner
73 Nile Street
N1 7RD

Opening hours
Monday – Sunday: 10:30am – 10:30pm